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Online Bassoon Lesson Features

Learn in your home – Your practice environment is your lesson environment. This will allow you to be more relaxed and at ease.

Audio examples – Many pieces and concepts will be covered in audio examples which you will be able to listen to outside of our lesson.

Multiple devices – Use any Zoom-compatible device with a camera and microphone.

Work with an Expert

I have spent over 10 years specializing in the music of the baroque, classical, and early romantic periods and have two Masters degrees from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, the world’s foremost school in Early Music and have studied with some of the world’s most important historical bassoonists. I have expert knowledge in the bassoon repertoire, musical interpretation, as well as the in the historical copies used today.

Project-Oriented Learning

By working through collections of works from the 18th and 19th centuries, much can be learned. 

By working with me students will:

  • Work regularly on improving technique and tone quality
  • Acquire the skills to approach technical and musical challenges independently
  • Develop a large repertoire of music they can perform in public
  • Broaden their perspective regarding the performance of baroque and classical music
  • Learn the principles of bassoon reed making

The Convenience of Online Lessons

Experience bassoon lessons without the hassle of leaving your home. The time spent driving could be spent at the piano itself! Plus, students will appreciate the efficiency and convenience of connecting through Zoom, in their own studio.

These lessons are intended to provide an alternative to traditional on-location piano lessons, with a more streamlined delivery. No need to worry about coats, pets, or unpacking materials. We are ready to go from the moment of connection.

Flexible Scheduling and Pricing

Each lesson will be customized to your specific needs and help you work up to great classical masterpieces. Lessons can occur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed. 

Lesson duration includes 30 and 60 minute lessons, depending on the skill and goals of the student. 

What age range do you accept?2020-06-15T17:37:44+02:00

I take students who are a minimum of 17 years old. Whether you’re a serious student, professional, or amateur, I’m happy to tailor our lessons to your needs.

Do I need to have a period bassoon?2020-06-15T17:40:20+02:00

No. I’m trained as both a modern and period bassoonist and am happy to work with students with normal bassoons.

What kind of repertoire would we be working on together?2020-06-15T17:43:55+02:00

This will depend on your skill level and personal interest. I specialize in music from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and there is plenty from that repertoire to work with. In terms of what kinds of assignments I give, I generally recommend both an etude/study along with a movement of a solo work. That way there is both a technical and musical challenge.

What equipment will I need?2020-06-15T17:45:54+02:00

You will need a bassoon, good reeds, a reliable internet connection, and a Zoom-compatible device.

Your Zoom device must have a camera and microphone. Recent model laptops are ideal, but iPads and iPhones also work well because of their great cameras, mics, and Wi-Fi chipsets.

Generally speaking, larger screens provide a more comfortable experience. If you go the tablet/smartphone route, you’ll need a tripod or a mount that allows you to point the camera in the direction of the piano keys.

For more details, check out this blog post.

Will I be required to purchase books/material?2020-06-15T17:47:19+02:00

You will be required to purchase music/method books. These books are not very expensive and are typically available on Amazon.

In some cases, sheet music is available for free online. However, you may want to purchase these books anyway because the quality of the editing and printing will be much easier on the eyes compared to the free music.

I will not scan copyrighted material and send it to you for free.

Do you offer trial lessons?2020-06-15T17:49:24+02:00

I do not offer trial lessons at this time. However, I will conduct a free Zoom interview before lessons begin to make sure everything works well. This interview will be used in part to evaluate the equipment and internet connection as well as providing a chance for students to demonstrate their current skill.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-06-15T17:50:48+02:00

I require at least 24 hours notice in the event of any rescheduling or cancellation of lessons.

If a student cancels or reschedules during this 24 hour window, the lesson will be forfeit.

In the event of emergency situations, please let me know as soon as possible and I will reschedule the lesson for a future date without penalty.

How do you handle billing?2020-06-15T17:51:42+02:00

I will send an invoice for 4 lessons at a time, which you may use as you wish. Once you are on your last lesson, I will invoice you for the next batch.

You can pay with a credit card or bank account using the secure link in the email. Invoicing and payments are handled through Paypal.

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